Asia - Your Next Opportunity

Growing Your Business in Asia

Asia still offers the most exciting growth for retail solutions and products. Its mix of highly sophisticated malls and still developing retail mean opportunities abound. With manpower costs and shrinkage rising retailers are investing in heavily in innovative solutions that drive efficiency, reduce theft or simply add excitement.

The challenge is taking those opportunities. That requires apt, innovative products, extensive contacts and focused selling in the region. That is where we come in.

Cutting Retail Theft

Retail theft in Asia is low compared to other regions, but the rate of increase is the highest and Asian retailers are seeking new solutions to combat the problem. This requires innovative solutions, perhaps adopted from Europe or the US, that deliver increased security but retain the positive consumer experience necessary in Asia.

Driving Efficiency and Profitability

With rent and manpower costs rising quickly across Asia retailers and integrators are turning to technology to increase efficiency in their operations. Real-time analytics, remote monitoring, team communications and other solutions are being deployed at a growing pace to ensure competitiveness and profit stability.

Enhancing Consumer Experience

A positive consumer experience is still king in Asia. The technologies being deployed to cut theft, deliver analytics or drive manpower efficiency are those also maintaining a customer-friendly environment that values customers and acknowledges important cultural expectations. Omnichannel retailers thrive and deliver increasingly similar in-store and online experience.

Explore the Possibilities for Your Business in Asia