What markets does Pivot Asia cover?

Pivot operates in all markets from Japan in the north to Indonesia in the south and across to India. Our sales and distribution structures vary in each market to suit local requirements. Our customers can select all, some or even just one of these markets to work with Pivot.

What commercial arrangements do we make with Pivot?

These can vary depending on requirements and plan. In general, we make money by successfully selling your products or we may agree a fee structure for business development or recovery phases. We never operate a margin-on-a-margin structure. We sell forward competitively.

What are the first steps working with Pivot?

We discuss your objectives. Create and agree a phased plan to achieve them. Sign an agreement that fits the requirements. Build a full Sales and Marketing document package. Fire up our teams to sell and develop business in the chosen markets. It takes 1-2 months.

How can I track progress and performance?

Pivot works on transparency. You can join the new Pivot Visibility Platform and view progress toward goals, active projects and aggregated/individual market pipelines online or we can report offline on a weekly/monthly basis or create feed directly into your existing in-house CRM system.

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