Recent Updates

Here are some of our latest completed and on-going projects with vendors looking to enter or expand in Asia

High Security Soft Tags & Wraps Launched

Common in European and US, with results of 50%+ reduction in in-store theft, Pivot has supported a major vendor to launch High Security Soft Tags and Wraps to Asian retailers for the first time. Our innovative introduction program and strong network has ensured swift awareness and easy adoption across the region without vendor
resources or investment

Consumer Analytics & Remote Monitoring

Bringing new consumer analytic solutions to Asia is a tough ask unless cultural, legal and market differences are fully understood. Pivot worked with a European vendor to target, tailor and test their innovative customer intelligence system in several markets so they knew where/how to best invest in manpower and resources prior to successful launch.

Regional Key Account Contract Won

A Display Security vendor asked to develop a region-wide distribution agreement with a global electronics brand. We were able to support across all necessary Asian markets and negotiate a regional deal with the targeted brand and link into local distributors on behalf of the vendor. 

Existing Distribution Strengthened

We are supporting an important European security vendor to strengthen and expand their existing Asia distribution. The direct-to-multiple-distributors model was challenging to manage and was not delivering objectives. By teaming up with Pivot their management time is eased, existing distributors performance improved and new highly qualified distributors added for further growth.